What is Engaging Congress?

Engaging Congress is a FREE, fun, interactive game that uses primary source documents to explore the basic tenets of representative government and the challenges they face in contemporary society.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to explain the central idea of a primary source, accurately summarize the key details and ideas in a primary source, evaluate differing points of view on the same historical event by using primary sources, evaluate multiple sources of information presented in diverse format, and analyze a primary source and relate it to an issue of the past.

Where can I find Engaging Congress?

Engaging Congress is available for FREE. Download for your mobile devices, or play on the web with WebGL. NOTE: When playing on the web, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best user experience.

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Where can I find Engaging Congress?

Available for FREE at the App Store and Google Play.

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Primary Source Documents

All the primary sources used throughout the game are linked to the Library of Congress. In addition, each resource has a PDF or JPG that is downloadable from this site and can be used in conjunction with the Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Tool to provide non-device use in the classroom.

Classroom Giveaways

The Center on Representative Government has classroom giveaways to encourage game play. Use character stickers, tattoos and stress squeeze balls to reward completion of a story, trivia challenge or just to encourage after-school play. Contact us to make a request.

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