Primary Source Documents

Laws & Sausages (The Separation of Powers)

United States Constitution

Articles, I, II, III 


A Visit to the Big Store

Political cartoon, circa 1912.


Making Sausage - Chicago

Photograph, circa 1905. 


Richard Nixon's Resignation Letter

August 9, 1974. 


A Balancing Act (The Federal Budget)

The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor

Lithograph published in 1846. 


The New Man on the Job

Published 1913. 


Total Federal Revenue

Total Federal Revenue, 2015.


Total Federal Spending

Total Federal Spending, 2015. 


The Executive Branch

The Trial of Andrew Johnson

The Trial of Andrew Johnson magazine cover

(magazine cover) 


Executive Orders

WWI Recruitment Poster


Interpreting Data

Iraq War protest 


The Judicial Branch

Constitution and the Courts

U.S. Constitution, Article III


Mapping Court Creation

Judicial Circuits 2020 (map)


Lady Justice

Lady Justice 

Impeachment in the News

Impeachment of Judge Ritter

Appointment of Federal Court Judges

Judicial Vacancies